iPhone X | Multiple Issues Out The Box

I've been hearing about multiple issues going on with the new iPhone X, and I can tell you they're not the type of issues a simple software update can fix.

The latest issue being talked about is what they call "the green line of death". I've seen this in the past with previous phones and the only resolution is replacing the entire screen or getting your device replaced through Apples Genius Bar. A simple visit to the Apple Store and you'll be back on the road. WRONG! Unfortunately for those who are experiencing any issues there is currently a 4-6 week wait (turning into a 6-8 week wait in the next coming weeks) to get a new iPhone X.

Among the other issues, unresponsive screens and crackling speakers have been creeping up on our beloved "Apple People" who just purchased their shiny new iPhone X. Consumers will have to be patient with Apple until they catch up with the demand. Although we all know how annoying these cases may be, it's not uncommon for new flagships phones to arrive with some issues. And seeing that Apple has stepped into new territory by using OLED displays like those on Samsung Devices in compared to it's traditional LCD displays on it's previous versions, I'm not surprised at all to see these problems. Samsung and LG have had similar cases in the past with their OLED displays. So don't throw in the towel in yet. I'm sure Apple will address these issues right away, It's only a matter of time.

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